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Imagine an international organization consisting of hundreds of members who know what it takes to turn your mail order business into a successful operation. People who value customer loyalty, business integrity, and honest business practices with the highest esteem.  Members you can trust to do business with. To ask questions. To seek advice. To network for sales leads and product sources with people who are in the same business as you, and yet are not your competition.

You will find all this and more, when you join , a worldwide mail order association consisting of hundreds of members (and growing daily) from Asia to Europe to the USA and CANADA.

Find out how and where you can advertise your products and services for best results. Where you can get the best value for your money in all aspects of your mail order marketing and promotion.

An annual membership of $25 US ($35 US outside USA) will entitle you everything we have said here and more, as we continue to expand our member services.

If you want to make money and be a success in mail order, join the - today! If you prefer to receive a print version of the membership application form, please send us 2 IRCs (International Reply Coupons - available from your post office), with your name and address. Malaysians should send a 6" X 9" self-addressed envelope with 2 loose RM1 stamps. A Big Mail will be included. You may contact us at Boeyong Promotions by phone at +603-79818285, Mobile: 013-3379328, or by email, SKYPE(boeyong) or YAHOO! Messenger (boeyong). We accept membership applications and payments online via Paypal, E-gold and iKOBO. Email us for payment instructions and application form if you decide to use any of the abovementioned payment processors.


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