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Boeyong Promotions has been established in 1982 as an import-export and mail order company, dealing in books, gift items and other general merchandise. In 1997, we went online with our first website hosted by Angelfire, then by Tripod, as we began to test online marketing and promotions. We officially came online with the registration of our domain name and paid hosting starting from 1999 and have since made a lot of transformations to our website as we continued to learn and improve our online presence.

As of 2015, we have updated and streamlined our business and marketing involvement and promotion plans to focus on relevant products and services. We have decided to focus on our online stores to represent current product lines as we take certain products off our online stores that are no longer profitable or are no longer available or no more in production. Our online stores will continue to be revamped to keep abreast of new and current products available to us and to our customers.

We continue to be in the website design and maintenance services for our long-time clients as well as explore newer promotion venues in social media.

We will also be updating our blog at that we have neglected for awhile.

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