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Boeyong Promotions has been established in 1982 as an import-export and mail order company, dealing in books, gift items and other general merchandise. In 1997, we went online with our first website hosted by Angelfire, then by Tripod, as we began to test online marketing and promotions. We officially came online with the registration of our domain name and paid hosting starting from 1999 and have since made a lot of transformations to our website as we continued to learn and improve our online presence.

Currently, we promote fashion jewelry, bags and replica watches (as well as the genuine items) with the launch of our jewelry website - - in 2004. We are also involved in promoting products ( if you would like to know how you too can make money with , click here for more information.), Language Courses and Dara Jade. We have also just added low cost CD/DVD media printing and publishing machines for the self-publisher of digital media. Please Click here for more information. We have also added ISAGENIX and ORGANO GOLD COFFEE to our business.

NEWS FLASH! We have just added 2 more business centers to our portfolio: E-Cosway and Global Domains International (GDI) - Click here for more information. NEWS FLASH JULY 2010: We have finally got back and it is now online! Feel free to check it out for gift ideas! Please feel free to click and explore the income opportunities.
We are  actively involved in the activities of
- a worldwide international mail order organization.
(visit the website). We have added another product to our marketing arsenal - PROMO-CARD!. Click here for more info!

Boeyong Promotions is now in the business of building websites, marketing and promotions, as well as affiliating with many online merchants. We enjoy working with small mail order dealers who would want a low budget online presence but good enough to rival the big players. In an every changing marketing environment where many other players are moving on to other marketing areas and leaving small home-based mail order dealers stranded in their never ending search for low cost advertising, Boeyong Promotions is still around, still playing the game, still doing the same things we have been doing for the past 25 years - catering to mail order and helping them to go online to promote their goods and services. We would love to hear from anyone who is in the mail order business, or starting one, and want a low cost solution to their online advertising needs. We work with the InterCircle, an international mail order organisation dedicated to helping mail order dealers keep their foothold in the every changing business environment.

Please browse through our website and click on the links available, remembering to come back often to check on new links and offers from new contacts and advertisers.

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